Why Herby Reviews finds the Galaxy S7 Phenomenal!


okay first of all this mobile is already by far the most acclaimed smartphone of the month. it has been commended by popular tech reviewers MKBHD and Unbox Therapy who are both approved gadget freaks and Youtubers.

Now we, as herby reviews are happy to tell you how and why we fell in love with the galaxy S7.

  • The almighty battery life-Samsung is one of the few companies that have increased the width of their phone to accommodate a bigger battery which is something very rational as we reviewers are hardcore power users and we need all the juice we can get. The galaxy S7 has a 3000mAh battery that can go for hours on end with WIFI, without taking a regrettable toll on your battery. it is really reliable people! like seriously.
  • That camera focus though!- Who doesn’t wanna take a speedy clear image of an awesome object or plant they see in the street? i take em every day! #ImIntoPhotographyNow. What we are trying to say is the laser focus on this thing is on fleek. rocking a 12MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary, with 4K video recording. all hail the true Cybershot!
  • Virtual reality on the Oculus-Why isn’t this the first reason? the whole list needs to be rearranged. Virtual reality on the oculus is light-years ahead. okay i pushed it. maybe just slightly ahead, either way it is really cool. all you do is connect your S7, S6 or note 5 to the oculus and you’re immediately teleported to another universe via Virtual reality. hmm, really the only way you can feel what i’m talking about is trying it yourself. Enter any Samsung store and request a demonstration of

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    the oculus. mark my words! Shout out to Microsoft Augmented Reality (HOLOLENS) google it.

  • OLED display?– nuf said……
  • Design Design Design!– Curved Glass on edge, waterproof no strings attached, Gorilla glass panel body. HTC look out
  • GTR speed!– The galaxy S7 contains 4gb RAM, a 2.3GHz Quadcore CPU and a qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 Exynos 8890 Octa chip. hows that for specs?  in short “it’s really really fast” *British accent*.  Like a 2000 horse power GTR in Dubai. *Mo vlogs* hehe

and that reviewers is why we find the new Galaxy S7 Phenomenal.

you asked we answered.


Apple Watch Vs Gear S2

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Wow, these are two of the most amazing smart watches on the market right now, sure they’re other android smart watches out there like the moto 360, the Huawei watch and the LG urbane, but the gear S2 takes the cake among its extended android family. But does it have enough to take on the gorgeously elegant apple watch. Let’s check out the specs….


The apple watch sport edition features a sort of curvy 42mm rectangular screen which is made of apple’s favorite sapphire crystal glass and is a multi-touch touch screen with AMOLED technology which beams expressive texture and color in every click.

It also has FORCE TOUCH or 360 touch which you might already know about from the IPhone 6s and the new Macbook, this is simply a more sensitive screen than your ordinary screen see, the apple watch can literally feel how hard your touching its display! and assume what action you want to perform, according to how hard you touch the screen. It is a very handy tool to use when performing intricate tasks on your apple watch and opens up a horizon of new and cool things you can do with your smart watch.

With no camera and no SD card slot the apple watch may seem like a power-user’s night mare but it astonishingly isn’t. The apple watch has an 8gb storage capacity and ignores a need for a camera with the assumption that its owner is already using the royal IPhone lens. which leaves the apple watch running smoothly with its 512mb RAM and apple S1 chipset.

Love connecting to networks? The apple watch supports wireless local area network (WLAN) Bluetooth and NFC for the flopped apple pay which has just failed to catch on; Another put down is that it is not a standalone watch like other android smartwatches and has no cellular connectivity meaning you cannot browse on the watch without WIFI connectivity which obviously truly sucks. But that’s apple right?

Being a sports watch, it features your heart rate sensor, your accelerometer and gyro not forgetting it is water resistant up to 1 meter, one whole meter! Really apple? Really? Like if I wanted to go for a swim, I’d probably worry more for the apple watch drowning than my rookie peers who just learnt to swim yesterday.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and just down right sexy! This is a sexy watch! like this watch is really, really stunning. The galaxy gear S2 is an outstanding piece of precise design and electronic engineering with its rotating bezel, slim slender look and again its down-right sexiness I have nothing more to say about it. It beats the apple watch in design by a landslide.

The gear S2 features a beautiful circular screen with a rotating bezel at the top to scroll through apps and make quick selections which really begs the question. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It beats the apple watch’s rotating chrono in accessibility and just really makes you feel like you’re wearing a classic Tag Heuer or Sekonda. It’s an outstanding design!

The S2 classic also has a powerful battery packed into it which has a stand by time of 48hours which is 2 days compared to its silly apple counterpart that can only stand by up-to 22hours, mixed usage before it needs to go back to the old charging dock.

The gear also has a very tough screen for a smart watch, CORNING GORILLA GLASS 3 to be exact, meaning it can withstand strong wall impact and unforeseen collisions.
It has wireless charging, a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen an internal memory of 4gb and is about 30% cheaper than the apple watch which is why it deserves all the glory in the smartwatch battle.

But I’d still pick the apple watch if it were up-to me. The ingenuity and innovation the apple watch brings to the table is simply unmatchable and Samsung needs more than a rotating bezel and a sleek design to get on top of apple’s rare butterfly.